Alex Ackerman:
Sababa President


Chapter: H2I

Grade (as of this fall): 12

Birthday: March 3rd 2004

Hobbies: Running, guitar, and Listening to music

Favorite place in Israel: never been but Haifa

Favorite movie: Rush

Biggest fear: Failure

Celebrity crush: Space Jesus… I mean Natalie Portman

Favorite joke: knock knock (who’s there) interrupting co… wait this isn’t gonna work

Favorite streaming service: DIsney +

Favorite quote: “once something is a passion the motivation is there." -Michael Schumacher

USY stands for: Unexceptionally Sweaty Youth

Personal statement: As Sababa President I will work to make Sababa the best division it can be. I love USY and I look forward to this next year as Sababa President!

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