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Ruach communications vp

Chapter: Temple Beth Israel 
Grade (as of this fall): 12
Birthday: November 9th 2004🥳
Hobbies: Playing with barbies, yelling in libraries, playing hide and seek, and riding my scooter down a hill 
Favorite place in Israel: Tel Aviv 
Favorite movie: Frozen❄️☃️
Biggest fear: Boaz Ginzburg 
Celebrity crush: Harry Styles 
Favorite joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Me duhhhh
Favorite streaming service: Disney + because it has so many good shows and Wizards of Waverly Place is the best 
Favorite quote: "It all matters on whether you believe you can or can’t."
USY stands for: Unicorns Seem Yummy 
Personal statement: I am so excited to see what we do this year and big things are coming!!

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