Ari Schor: 
Religion/Education vp

Division: Ruach
Chapter: Bethrock
Grade (as of this fall): 12
Birthday: February 19
Hobbies: playing the flute, listening to and watching Broadway shows, baking
Favorite place in Israel: Tel Aviv
Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge
Biggest fear: dirty bandaids floating in swimming pools
Favorite joke: There were two muffins in an oven. One said, “It’s getting pretty hot in here!” The other replied, “AAAAAAAHH!!! A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!!
Favorite streaming service: Netflix
Favorite quote: "Hello to my house. So good of you to travel on account of my unraveling. Now let’s eat some food." -Jason (Falsettos)
USY stands for: U smell yucky
Personal statement: I can’t wait for an awesome year METNY!!