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Chapter: Beth Rock

Grade (as of this fall): 11

Birthday: May 3rd, 2005

Hobbies: Chewing comically large amounts of bubble gum, collecting snow globes and rubber ducks, sampling different brands of water to determine which one best quenches my thirst and gardening.

Favorite place in Israel: Ailat

Favorite movie: Boss Baby

Biggest fear: People from England

Celebrity crush: Woody Harrelson

Favorite joke: Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot!

Favorite streaming service: Apple TV

Favorite quote: “It's hot out today… Milk was a bad choice” -Ron Burgundy

USY stands for:

Uma therman was really great in Pulp Fiction.

Safety first, especially on the bus. Always remember to buckle up. It's the law!

Young people. 

Personal statement: Honey dew is the worst fruit ever. Let's be real. It is cantaloupes uninvited plus one to the fruit platter and there is ALWAYS too much of it in any fruit assortment that you purchase. For example, you buy a fruit cup at the airport and THERE IS TOO MUCH HONEY DEW! No on the go jetsetter is ever in the mood for TOO MUCH HONEY DEW EVER AND THERE IS ALWAYS TOO MUCH OF IT! This needs to stop. Now. I will make it a point for Ruach Kinnus to be a honey dew free event!

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