Eli Makaron:

Regional President

Email: president@metnyusy.org


Grade: Senior

Birthday: March 12th, 2003

Favorite place in Israel: Masada...However, Machane Yehuda is a close second.

My hero is: Bill Gates

Where do I keep my SA/TO $$: 30.7141° N, 34.8757° E

Celebrity crush: Kevin Hart

Biggest fear: Getting stuck on a roller coaster

USY stands for: Ultimate Space for Yawning

Last show I binge-watched: Breaking Bad - 10/10

Song I sing in the shower: Depends on the day

Favorite quote: I have two - "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

“METNY Region better than everyone. METNY Region we are a lot of fun. METNY Region we are NUMBER ONE in USY!!!” - Unknown

Personal note: These past two years, I have fallen in love with USY. I can’t wait to bring all of that love and passion to you. I believe that by taking advantage of every opportunity that is presented to us, by demonstrating an understanding for each other, and by relating and connecting to one another, we will be the mighty METNY Region! Can’t wait for an amazing year!!!