Ethan Beer:
emek Religion/Education VP


Chapter: OJC

Grade (as of this fall): 12th

Birthday: March 19th!

Hobbies: Watching Netflix comedy specials, hanging with friends

Favorite place in Israel: The Shuk! (Tel Aviv) 

Favorite movie: The emoji movie 

Biggest fear: Bees

Celebrity crush: Jason Fromowitz 

Favorite quote: Did you hear about the guy who cut off the left side of his body? I heard he’s all right now. 

Favorite streaming service: Netflix (they have John Mulaney it’s an auto-win) 

Favorite quote: “My philosophy is basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don't ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what. No matter... where. Or who, or who you are with, or, or where you are going, or... or where you've been... ever. For any reason, whatsoever.” - Michael Scott

USY stands for: Universally sensational yaaass

Personal statement: Shabbat Shalom!