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Kadima ENCAMPMENT 2021  

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August 22 at Ramah Nyack

Transportation will be available to get to Ramah and back both days; the price is not included in the signup fee


Price: $104


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Encampment?

Encampment is an amazing USY tradition that has taken place for decades in which USYers get to experience the full sleepaway camp experience, condensed to just a week! Teens that participate get to make new friends, partake in extremely fun camp activities, and bond with the USY community in a way unlike any other.

What are some activites done during Encampment?

At Encampment during past years, teens have played competitive sports, partaken in fun challenges, get to take a dip in the pool or lake, enjoy Shabbat as a community, and participate in a color war between divisions!

How will Encampment be different this year?

In years past, Encampment has been a week-long event at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. This year, in order to meet COVID guidelines, Encampment will only be two days, and will be held at Camp Ramah in Nyack. However, this does not mean it will not be a fun event! At Encampment 2021, there will be many of the same events you know and love from years past, and will be just as fun as any other Encampment you've been to!

How will COVID protocols be followed? Will my children be safe?

We are following all CDC recommendations, and working closely with a USY medical team to ensure the safety of all teens. We expect that at Encampment, all teens will be wearing masks and social distancing, regardless of vaccination status. By doing this, we strongly believe that Encampment 2021 will be safe for all teens, and will not result in the spread of COVID, especially since most programming will be outdoors.

Will there be Encampment for USY (grades 9-12)?

Yes! Click HERE to learn about USY Encampment 2021.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Engagement Director Lindsay Fabes (, or Regional President Jeremy Malaga (

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