Ruach Israel Affairs VP

Email: ruachiavp@gmail.com 

Division: Ruach!

Chapter: Not in one currently

Grade (as of this fall): 11

Birthday: November 11th, 2004  

Hobbies: sleeping, breathing, eating, fulfilling basic human needs 

Favorite place in Israel: Eilat 

Favorite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II

Biggest fear: Aliens and knives

Celebrity crush: Andy Samberg

Favorite joke: Me.

Favorite streaming service: netflix

Favorite quote: “do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he’s created?” - Steve Buscemi in Spy Kids

USY stands for: Unnecessary sarcasm yessir

Personal statement: Hi Ruach I’m so excited to be your IA WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!