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Kayla Roth:
Membership/Kadima VP


Chapter: Beth El New Rochelle

Grade (as of this fall): 11

Birthday: November 8th

Hobbies: Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of the school

Favorite place in Israel: Aroma coffee 

Favorite movie: ANYTHING BUT Dead Poets Society (unpopular opinion please don’t hate me)

Biggest fear: Running out of everything bagel seasoning 

Celebrity crush: Dobby

Favorite joke: “New York Rangers are winning the Stanley Cup this year!”

Favorite streaming service: Disney+  

Favorite quote: “People change people” -King Cory Matthews (Girl Meets World)

USY stands for: Unentitled Saucey Youth 

Personal statement: Emek! I’m so excited to work with you all this year! I know the past year has been extremely difficult and we all can’t wait for life to go back to “normal.” I promise to try my best to make this year the best one yet for you all. Feel free to reach out whenever. I’m always here to talk, and I love meeting new people!

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