Milla Zabib:
sababa Communications vp


Chapter: H2I

Grade (as of this fall): 11th

Birthday: May 14, 2004

Hobbies: Hanging with my friends, binging shows on Netflix, playing sports

Favorite place in Israel: Herzliya because my family lives there

Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect… it’s my comfort movie and I know like ¾ of the words

Biggest fear: Bugs bugs bugs

Celebrity crush: Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans… or like any Marvel male character

Favorite joke: I am the least funniest person ever… I just embarrass myself and people laugh

Favorite streaming service: Netflix easily

Favorite quote: It’s going to be the same one as last year because it still helps me be spontaneous and productive: “If not now, when?”

USY stands for: Uhhh Something for jewish Youngsters

Personal statement: I am so excited to work with the Sababa board this year… again! I know we are going to accomplish a lot, starting with getting a full board together!