The METNY Regional Executive Board (REB) is an annually teen elected board that serves the METNY Region. These teens dedicate their free time to plan diverse, fun, socially aware, and educational programs to be used at USY events. These teens represent the interest of METNY's teens to International USY and to METNY's adult leadership counterparts. To gain a better look of whom is representing the METNY Region this year, read each of the board members' information linked below:

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Jeremy Malaga
Regional President

Bailey Kahn
Israel Affairs VP

Ari Schor
Religion/Education VP

David Kamenetz
Social Action/Tikkun Olam VP

Jason Fromowitz
Membership/Kadima VP

Daniel Patchen
Communications VP

Boaz Ginzburg
Ruach President

Maya Maayani
Emek President

Alex Ackerman
Sababa President