Division: RUACH (the very best division) 

Chapter: HENSY

Grade: 11

Birthday: April 10, 2004

Favorite place in Israel: Definitely Ein Gedi, it’s so beautiful

My hero is: Whoever created USY

Where do I keep my SA/TO $$:  In a remote bunker guarded by monkeys

Celebrity crush: Madelyn Cline from Outer Banks

Biggest fear: When your mom asks you to take out the frozen chicken and then she comes home and you forgot to do it

USY stands for: U Smell Yucky

Last show I binge-watched: “Outer Banks” and “Breaking Bad”

Song I sing in the shower: Usually post malone songs but occasionally the METNY theme song

Favorite quote: “If you ever think that your pointless just think of the g in lasagna”

Personal note: This year started off not great and as i’m writing this, i’m sitting in quarantine. I’m unsure of what will come in the future but no matter what happens, we are a family and need to stay together to get through this. I am working hard in my free time to improve all aspects of METNY such as this website. I hope to have an amazing year filled with amazing memories. If ANY of you need me for ANYTHING, reach out to me, I love to talk and listen. I love you all! METNY Region we are NUMBER ONE in USY!